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EvAb Short 6 - A Tragedy in Seven Panels

23rd Nov 2015, 6:20 AM in Shorts and Extras
EvAb Short 6 - A Tragedy in Seven Panels

Author Notes

Zomburai 23rd Nov 2015, 6:20 AM edit delete
I've got a lot on my mind lately.


See you on Friday, all!


KarToon12 23rd Nov 2015, 8:35 AM edit delete reply
They've got a point there...but damn...
Zomburai 23rd Nov 2015, 12:24 PM edit delete reply
Such a cheery comic I've made. :I
melaredblu 23rd Nov 2015, 3:29 PM edit delete reply
Getting topical in here, I see.
Ouch, ouch. I feel for both of them. This is a heartbreaking turn of events on both ends.
Zomburai 23rd Nov 2015, 3:35 PM edit delete reply
The basis of the Agent/Commander conflict in this page wasn't originally planned to be over ISIS/Daesh, but topicality seemed quite unavoidable.

And yeah, even writing this page made my heart hurt.
Delta-v 24th Nov 2015, 7:36 AM edit delete reply
The innocent always suffer for statecraft decisions.

During World War 2, Winston Churchill allowed the Germans to bomb the English town of Coventry even though he knew it was coming, because defending the town would have revealed that the Allies had broken the German secret command code.
Zomburai 24th Nov 2015, 8:25 AM edit delete reply
I've always been fascinated by that story. It's one of the most troubling, and compelling, moral quandaries humanity has ever manufactured for itself.
Delta-v 26th Nov 2015, 6:35 AM edit delete reply
Um, "Niven" as in Larry?
Zomburai 26th Nov 2015, 6:50 AM edit delete reply
The same! I have some ideas why they named it such, but in case I never do a short explaining it, let's just chalk it up to the Agencyy having some sci-fi nerds in their ranks :P